Mancave FTW!

I want to live in a Terry Rodgers painting… not any of them, sometimes Rodgers depicts to much sorrow and shallowness for me. Anyway, the one that I dream myself of too is “The Sacrificial Penumbra” – not (just)for the chick, although I guess she is pretty, but because of the flawless interior design. I guess I could go on and on about the small details, just reckon the effect of unification through diversity of the cushions in red, white, and crème, or the shamefully decadent light from the wall fixtures that lit the cassette walls and the classicist beauty, and from the dainty light from crystal a chandelier hovering over the dissolute tête à tête playground.The room could be at the same time a highly respectable – although playfully decorated– salon, or a lounge at a less than average morally adjusted gentlemen’s club. It could be a place of business, or of play. It’s ambiguous but spot on and sinful and heavenly. My galpal K. sighed loudly when she saw it and concluded that it must be the ultimate man cave, although very pretty. I agree.
  • 22 November 2011
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